Produce Low Cost Pharmaceutical Grade Marijuana with Green Leaf Labs


Why work with Green Leaf Labs?
Our growing units have been designed for medical grade marijuana and thoroughly tested to ensure they are more efficient than traditional techniques. We provide , service and support for all our products.

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 Green Leaf’s Advantages:

  • Lower your production costs by 30%-40%
  • Eliminate your risk of contamination from pests, and disease.
  • Scalable production allows growing a mix of strains, with their specific required growing conditions.
  • Batch growth capabilities allow you to schedule multiple or on-going harvests.
  • Self contained units are ideal for indoor / Urban hydroponics.
  • 3 year warranty.

It’s simple – our Grow Units are  built to the size of your plants not a large building. This reduces  wasted energy and places a firewall between your plants and outside contaminants.

GLL Cube
Cost Effective and scalable to the production you require

  Whether you are growing 18 plants or thousands, Green Leaf labs can scale the equipment to the capacity you require. This also allows you to try them for yourself without a large capital outlay.  

Our team would love to provide you with more information, and will meet with you to show how we can contribute to the success of your business. Contact us to Learn More >


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